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The healthcare sector has reached the apogee of progress, thanks to the ever evolving technology meant for diagnosis, cure and betterment of the once-formidable ailments. If the determination of a disease was once the outcome of a hard, hazardous guess, now we can almost see from outside what ails a patient's innards. We can have a direct, three-dimensional view of all that happens in the almost invisible quarters of our inner body. What is noteworthy in this regard is thesea change that has come about in the traditional x-ray technology. We now have cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) which, in the course of one rotation around our head, can bring out up to 600 distinct images of it, helping us determine several conditions affecting the teeth, skull, sinuses, neck and throat.

Photonix has forayed into the sphere of diagnostic healthcare with an advanced 3D CBCT machine in the city of Calicut. It is merely an initial step in the ladder of burgeoning healthcare and research, with a view of equipping itself with state-of-the-art machines, of becoming a digital archive of rare cases for furthering medical research, and of being a platform for knowledge-seeking healthcare professionals who think big, i.e of serving the society by doing foundational as well as progressive research on diseases and health conditions.

In a growing city like Calicut, the unavailability of advanced screening technology like CBCT was something that triggered and motivated Team Photonix to show the way, to bear the torch. It goes without saying that a CT exclusive for the Head and Neck region mostly benefits dentistry, especially with regards to dental implantology, maxillofacial surgery, endodontics and orthodontics but it also caters to the ENT surgeon with airway and sinus imaging.

The task was accomplished in a matter of a few months; firstly, with the purchase of the iCAT CBCT which has been set in spacious warehouse; converted aesthetically into a scanning centre. Fortuitously, the warehouse has become a godsend for the future plans of Team Photonix. India being a still-developing nation; insufficient instruments, digital archives and facilities for advanced healthcare research for the graduating medicos is a pain in the neck. Though the state of Kerala tops the chart in better healthcare indicators such as higher life expectancy, the adoption of state-of-the-art technology in healthcare is pathetically slow. That is explained by the problem of brain drain in medical research as highly talented medicos go overseas for research. As Team Photonixis an amalgamation of academicians in dentistry, we yearn to be a space where students and Post Graduates can benefit from us. There would be sharing of results, mutual discussions on diagnosis of interesting cases and they shall be properly advised on bringing out their findings in peer-review journals

For patients in and around Calicut, this would be one of the firstCBCT machines available in the city. They will be benefitted by this technology for assessment of their teeth and supporting structures, with greater accuracy at a lesser cost…

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