3D-Imaging in calicut
With cone beam computed tomography, oral health professionals gain a highly accurate 3-D image of the patient’s anatomy from a single scan. These 3-D images allow the practitioner to better diagnose and understand the true extent of dental disease, and they can provide for more appropriate treatment for patients.

  •   FOV 16cm x 4cm : Single Dental Arch
  •   FOV 8cm x 8cm : Both Dental Arches
  •   FOV 16cm x 6cm : Maxilla/Mandible
  •   FOV 16cm x 8cm : Maxilla and mandible
  •   FOV 16cm x 10cm : Maxilla, mandible and TMJ
  •   FOV 16cm x 11cm : Maxilla, mandible, TMJ and ENT
  •   FOV 16cm x 13cm : Maxillofacial including orbits
  •   FOV 23cm x 17cm : Cranofacial
2D-Imaging in calicut

  •   Panoramic radiograph
  •   Bitewing panoramic radiographs
  •   TMJ Open and Closed Lateral, PA and Cross-sectional views
  •   Maxillary sinus view
  •   Lateral cephalogram
  •   Lateral skull view
  •   Hand-wrist radiograph
  •   Extra-oral skull radiography
  • IOPA, bitewing, occlusal - coming soon


  •   Pathology diagnosis and localization
  •   Implant site assessment and virtual simulation
  •   3D Cephalometric analysis
  •   Airway and Paranasal Sinuses analysis
  •   TMJ osseus pathology assessment
  •   Orthognathic surgery workup
  •   3D study model design and printing
  • * We also provide on-site diagnostic and analytic services, on an appointment basis.


  •   Online radiology interpretation and reporting services for images taken from other centres

  •   Assist students and researchers in medical and dental imaging applications
  •   Conduct continuing educational programmes for clinicans and postgraduates
  •   Hands-on workshops and software training on various applications of CBCT
  •   Maintain a database of rare cases for future references